The server where you can live your dreams.

Stable economy

Golden and netherite vault

The economy was designed to be stable, so your money doesn't loose it's value overnight. No spawned in cash, everything comes from a government account.

Realistic Transport

Realistic train model that goes on tracks

Our transport system doesn't just teleport you, it consists of custom modelled vehicles that go on a schedule around the city.


UnityMaster holding a gun

Join the criminal underworld on UnitedMC! Sell and create drugs, assasinate politicians for some extra cash, the choice is yours!

Your business empire

A big business building

Incorporate your business, create your own store buildings and sell your items to people.

Custom content

A car with some food items in front of it

Our server features fully custom made vehicles, custom items like food, guns, that you won't find on any other server!


The capitol builing of Andolon

Create your own laws, become president of the server, and rule your people!